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Seaside Traditions

When we visit the seaside we sometimes don't notice the beauty of the simple architecture around us, nor the age of it either!

Being located on the coast, exposure to bad weather and conditions means that fencing and railings need replacing often, and patterns need replacing too, so here we had the opportunity as Pattern Makers to create some new Post patterns for a traditional coastal railing... sometimes known as Cromer Posts.

Here you can see by this Lecturn in Cromer, there are railings with Cromer Posts, very similar to what we've made patterns for.

We had original castings to work from so have to take accurate measurements and make by hand these boxless patterns which are two halves of the post.

The final patterns and coreboxes ready for the foundry to manufacture multiple posts to reinstall at a coastal location. You can also see here the original castings which we used to create the new patterns.

We can make new patterns from originals or technical drawings.

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