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Pattern Making

Pattern Maker based in Norfolk, UK making Models and Mouldings for Foundries and General Engineering.  Working with Architectural, Marine, Locomotive and Automotive Industries.

How it works...

Cogs Illustration

You provide a design, a drawing or an original casting...

Pattern Maker at work

...We make the pattern from wood, resin or other suitable material...

Cast Iron Railing Patterns

...once complete its ready for the foundry to cast your item in metal.

Pattern Maker Measuring
Pattern Maker Sanding
Pattern Maker Marking Out
Pattern Maker's Letters
Rolls of Sandpaper
Pattern Maker Sanding
Pattern Maker Sanding
Pattern Maker Sawing
Pattern Maker Drilling
Pattern Maker's Tools
Over 50 years
Run Business
Competitive Price Quotes


Mini Challenge Racing Bodykit
We manufacture patterns for cars parts, engine blocks, as well as specialised car body kits
As skilful Patternmakers we have experience of resin (plastics) and fibre glassing
"We have a long established relationship with MJY Patterns who always provide an efficient and professional service.  They are very enjoyable to work with."
​Chris Isbill, Director of East Coast Castings


Cast Iron Shepherd's Hut Wheel Patterned by MJY Patterns
Patterns and moulds are manufactured by hand in wood or resin
We manufacture and modify a large amount of patterns for the decorative cast iron market, marine and locomotive industries
"Working with MJY Patterns is always a pleasure. They have vast experience and that means each job is delivered on time, always to exact specifications"
Paul Williams, Managing Director of Clements Engineering
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