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Kimberley Park Station, Norfolk

The current owners have been extensively renovating the station and came to us to help them with a decorative support post for the new platform canopy they were reinstating.

We visited the station and took a rubber mould off the decorative section (pic 1) from the original half post, which we believe is situated just outside the old waiting room.

Using measurements from that same original post we then made the pattern for the remainder of the post (pics 2 & 3).

In pic 4 you can see the finished product - a half pattern on a rollover. This was then sent to East Coast Castings, our local foundry in Carbrooke, where they cast a new post which was erected at the station in July 2023 (pics 5 & 6).

Upon visiting the station in early November 2023 the posts have been painted and the new platform canopy built.

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